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Choosing a best iPhone waterproof case can be a little perplexing, considering the varied options available in the market. You have an option of choosing a sport waterproof case for challenging outdoor activities, a sturdy waterproof case for extreme outings or a stylish waterproof case for everyday life. this guide will help you to Find the Best Iphone Waterproof Case.

There are a lot of features and aspects that you need to watch out for while you’re looking to buy a iPhone waterproof case. Here are some golden tips that would help you in choosing the best iPhone waterproof case:

Clear your head up: Why do you need the case?

First of all, ask yourself—why do you need the Iphone Waterproof Case? Are you a traveler, a swimmer, an adventure junkie, an underwater photographer, or just a concerned smartphone user?

When you decide the purpose of the iphone waterproof case, you’re almost half done, as cases are designed to solve specific needs of buyers.

Here are some generic reasons why you might need a Iphone Waterproof Case:

  • For underwater photography
  • To protect your phone from occasional spills
  • To take your phone to beach or any outdoor activity
  • To use your phone while swimming, surfing or doing any recreational activity
  • To protect your phone from occasional drizzle, snow or dust
  • To protect your phone from scratches and accidental drops
  • While working out or during physical training exercises like cycling, jogging, etc.

Iphone Waterproof Case

[Tip-off: How much comfortable are you with idea of the iphone waterproof case? If you do not like the concept of waterproof cases but still want to protect your phone, there are options available that can make your smartphone waterproof, scratch-proof and dust-proof with the help of protective coating. The best part about the coating is that you do not need to carry your phone in a case after the treatment.  check Liquipel iphone waterproof coating , WaterBlock Nano Technology .

Types of Waterproof cases

Ergonomic Iphone Waterproof Cases: Ergonomic waterproof cases are slim, light-in-weight and easy to use. Removing and inserting the phone is easier and you can always operate/charge your smartphone normally even while keeping the smartphone in the case. These cases are designed for everyday usage. Also, if factors like size, weight or form of the case are crucial, you should go for an ergonomic case. Ergonomic Cases are comfortable cases that easily slip into your pockets and provide superior protection against water, sand, dust, or weather.

Tough cases: If you’re an adventure junkie who likes to live life on the edge or you have slippery fingers or you have kids in the house, tough waterproof cases are your thing. They’re designed to provide protection against drops, scratches, water, sand, dirt, snow and come-what-may. It’s for people who are continuously on the go and want to give maximum possible protection to their phone. Hitcase Pro and Incipio Atlas are some seriously tough cases worth-buying.

Wide-angle lens cases: iphone waterproof cases with wide-angle lens allow you to capture wide, clear and stunning underwater pictures. These Iphone Waterproof Case come with an additional lens, which is mounted on the top of the case, to provide wide viewing angles (110 to 175) and great photos. If you’re serious about underwater photography and wish to explore the world underwater, wide-angle lens cases are for you. These cases are much cheaper than waterproof underwater cameras, and surely a good place to start.            Optrix Case , HitCase Pro, Watershot Pro are awesome wide-angle cases that provide superior image quality and unmatched protection.

Armband (Sport) cases: Sport cases with armband design are your thing, if you need your phone while you’re swimming, surfing or working out. It protects your phone from sweat, dust, water, and weather. Its armband design provides the much needed convenience and freedom, allowing you to carry your phone along wherever you go. Since most sport outfits do not have sufficiently large products, the armband design is a huge plus. Some good Armband (sport) iphone waterproof cases are Amphibx Fit and Drycase

Waterproof Treatments: If you find waterproof cases bulky, inconvenient and messy, you can always protect your phone by availing a waterproof treatment. These treatments cover your phone with a protective coating that can resist occasional water spills, scratches, smudges and dust accumulation. Advanced waterproofing technologies also provide superior underwater protection and you can use your phone normally while swimming, surfing or kayaking. If you do not fancy cases, here are some available treatments to consider:  Liquipel iphone waterproof coating  and  WaterBlock Nano Technology coating .

Waterproof Pouch cases: If you need a iphone waterproof case that just protects your phone and expect nothing more than that, you should go for iphone waterproof pouch cases. These cases are cheaper and provide solid protection from sand, water and dust. The down side, however, is that you cannot operate your phone comfortably with the phone inside the case. Also, these cases are bulky to carry around and do not fit into pockets. If you’re looking for a reliable and cheap waterproof case that just protects your phone, you can check out here.

Read Reviews

Once you’ve zeroed in on which type of iphone waterproof case you’re going to buy, you’re almost half way there. Now, you have to just look at all options available to you and choose the one that best suits your needs. A good place to start would be to read some expert reviews of waterproof cases. Our reviews are highly detailed and we weigh each and every aspect in our analysis before giving out a verdict. Check out some of our reviews here. Over and above the reviews, you can also read what people have to say about the waterproof case. User reviews can mostly be found on the product page.

Watch it in Action

The best way to judge a iphone waterproof case is to watch it in action. You would find videos for almost all waterproof cases on YouTube. Just check if they’re as good as they claim to be or there are a few sad stories to tell.

If you’re going to buy the case online, it’s always good to watch your case in action, before you decide on buying it.

Get a third-person perspective

Talk to someone who uses waterproof cases extensively and get their perspective. Is it useful or do they regret buying it? If they had to buy a new waterproof case, which one would they buy?

A third-person perspective would help you in assessing what you really need to look for while buying cases and also help you out in eliminating some choices.

Read Warranty Information

Warranty is perhaps the most important thing to consider while buying waterproof cases. According to me, the best waterproof case is the one that provides Lifetime warranty and insures both the phone and the case. It may take you to surprise, but  Incipio Atlas iphone Case  comes with warranty for both phone and case

However, most waterproof cases only provide warranty for the waterproof case and won’t take any responsibility for any water damage incurred to the phone, which brings us to the next important point.

Take a Dip Test

Do not test the waterproofing capabilities of the case with the phone inside. Instead, when you first get your hands on the case, take a dip test. Insert some dry tissues inside the case and put the case in 3-4 ft. water for 2-4 hours. It would help you in analyzing the reliability and water resistance of the case. If you find the case to be defective, you can always get it replaced. Also, check for moisture retention or any dampness inside the case. Excess moisture can cause your phone to heat up unnecessarily and may drain its battery quickly.

Expensive is not necessarily better

Quality comes at a price, but price does not necessarily ensure quality. Just because one case is more expensive than the other case, it doesn’t necessarily imply that the costlier option is better. Most people prefer to buy expensive cases, hoping that they would provide superior protection, only to end up being disappointed with the results. If you have to choose between two almost similar cases, always decide the case based on its ergonomics, features and form factors, but never on the price.

Ask, ask, and ask

Never hesitate to ask any doubts regarding the product with the manufacturer, no matter how trivial they might sound. You can always find the customer care number on the manufacturer’s website, and if you they do not offer phone support, you can always reach them through email. Clear your doubts and clarify the features before you purchase the case. It would be also helpful to ask the questions that concern you on few popular forums.

Protection over Function

While it’s natural to demand extra features in a waterproof case, protection should always be your first preference. It’s okay if you cannot listen to music while swimming or if you’ve to charge your phone by removing it from the case, but it’s not okay if that little opening makes allows water to peek in. So, look for a case that’s reliable, even if you have to compromise with the features.

Which iphone waterproof case should you buy?

Now that you are familiar with the criteria for selecting a good waterproof case for your iphone, you are probably wondering which case is good to buy. My advice to you would be to go for the best value-for-money case that’s reliable and provides full-proof protection. You must understand that you must not cut corners while buying a waterproof case as you risk damaging your smartphone permanently. That being said, you should not also get wooed away by expensive options.

  • If you’re a sport enthusiast and like to indulge in recreational activities/ physical activities, go for Optrix waterproof case It’s ergonomic, light-in-weight and protects against water and dust.
  • If you have kids who throw your phone around and you need a rock solid case that can take anything, go for Lifeproof iphone Case. It’s a case that’s designed to bear anything under the sun.
  • If you’re into underwater photography and do not need an external lens, go for        Eco-fused waterproof case or Beach Buoy Case. It’s a perfect case for underwater photography.
  • If you’re into underwater photography and need an external lens/filter, go for Hitcase Prof Waterproof case or Optrix waterproof case. It’s a case that’s designed for professional underwater photography.
  • If you’re looking for an ergonomic case that suits your everyday lifestyle, go for DandyCase Ergonomic Iphone Case or ECO-FUSED. It’s slim, sturdy and easy to carry. It also allows you to operate your phone normally, even with the phone in the case.
  • If you do not like the idea of cases, but still want to protect your phone, here’s one treatment option that you can definitely avail- Liquipel Waterproof iphone coating. However, I won’t recommend treatment options if you’re planning to take your phone underwater.
  • If you just want a normal case that protects your phone, go for ECO-FUSED. It doesn’t provide any fancy features, but it’s good if you do not want to spend much on iphone waterproof case.

That’s it. Hope our extensive guide helps you in choosing the best iphone waterproof case. If you have any queries/suggestions regarding which case to buy, please share them with us in the comments below.


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