Amphibx Fit Iphone 5 Waterproof Armband Case

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“Waterproof, Weatherproof and Sweat-proof, Flotation buoy, Touchscreen and Camera friendly suitable for swimming, fishing  and Surfing”

Amphibx Fit Iphone 5 Waterproof Armband Case

Amphibx Fit Iphone 5 Waterproof Armband Case

Amphibx Fit Iphone 5 Waterproof Armband case is perfect for iPhones (including iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C). It features a patented submersible waterproof design that protects your smartphone under all circumstances. It’s also weatherproof and sweat-proof. Amphibx Fit Waterproof Armband case also has an IPX rating; it has been certified for its water resisting capabilities and it’s completely safe to use underwater.

From the ergonomic point of view, it’s light in weight and easy to carry around. The Armband design makes it comfortable to wear during workouts and it fits most arm sizes. The ClearTouch pouch in the Amphibx Fit Waterproof Armband also allows you to operate your smartphone normally underwater— you can check emails, click photos, and even listen to music.

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Who is it for?

Amphibx Fit Waterproof Armband is a perfect case for you, if you’re looking for an iPhone waterproof case that’s easy to carry and fits your active lifestyle.

The good thing about this case is that you don’t need to put your phone in your pocket anymore as you can easily wear it around your arm or waist (with the waist extension belt). Since most swimming costumes do not have sufficiently large pockets, that’s a huge plus. Also it’s also weatherproof, which means you can take your smartphone wherever you go, without worrying whether it’s going to rain or snow.

Lastly, it’s also sweat-proof, which makes it ideal for athletes or people who indulge in physically challenging activities. After all, it’s always great to have a clean and dry smartphone after an intensive workout session.

Amphibx Fit Iphone 5 Waterproof Armband Case is Ideal for:

  • Those who have an active lifestyle
  • Indulge in recreational activities like swimming, fishing, surfing, etc.
  • Want a case that’s easy to use, light in weight, and comfortable

Design and Features

  • Waterproof up to 12 ft./3.6 metres
  • ClearTouch technology
  • High precision LatchTight locking closure technology
  • SealTight headphone connector
  • Floating buoy design
  • Adjustable Velcro armbands
  • IPX rating

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Amphibx Fit Waterproof Armband case comes with a 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty. If there’s any defect with the product, it will be replaced/repaired. For more information, please read the Warranty Policies.


  • Waterproof, Weatherproof and Sweat-proof:  Its high-precision LatchTight locking closure design provides all round protection against water, dust, sweat and extreme weather.
  • Light and breathable: It’s ergonomic, easy to carry and light in weight.
  • Flotation buoy: If the strap unloosens accidentally under water, don’t worry; it floats.
  • Touchscreen and Camera friendly: You can operate your iPhone underwater.
  • Versatile design: You can wrap the waterproof case around your waist with the waist extension belt or you can attach it to your aero handlebars and make your iPhone a waterproof road computer. You can even remove the sturdy D-rings and carry the case in your pocket or gym bag.


  • Armband design: It doesn’t suit you if you like to keep your smartphone in your pocket and do not like wearing an external armband.
  • Sticky insertion/removal: It’s sometimes difficult to remove and insert your iPhone into the case as it’s unusually tight. However, unless not going under water, you can get around with it by not shutting the case completely.


Most reviews for Amphibx Fit Waterproof Armband case, as you can check them out here, have been positive. Most buyers, in fact, appreciate the ability to use apps and listen to music (using H20 Audio) underwater.  People have used the waterproof case while training, running, swimming, cycling, and they have found the armband design to be very comfortable. It fits easily even on large arm sizes and you can even get a waist extension, if you do not want to strap it on your arm.


Amphibx Fit Waterproof Armband case is perfect for people who have an active lifestyle and want to carry their phones along even while performing recreational activities. Its patented high-precision design protects your phone from external factors such as water, rain, snow, and dust.

The awesome part, nonetheless, is that you can use your phone normally while it’s in the case—you can check mails, click photos and even listen to music. If you’ve been looking for an iPhone case that’s sturdy, comfortable and easy to carry along, continue your search only after checking out this one.

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Amphibx Fit Waterproof Armband Case with headphones