BeachBuoy WaterProof iphone 5 case

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BeachBuoy WaterProof iphone 5 case

BeachBuoy WaterProof case for all smart phones

BeachBuoy WaterProof iphone 5 case is designed to protect your iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 4/3GS from water, sand, dust or weather. It’s safe yet effective grip system ensures the protection of your phone and makes it 100% waterproof.

If you’re wondering whether it’s safe to take it underwater, iPhone5 waterproof case has an IPX rating (IP57/IP58); it has been certified for its water resisting capabilities and it’s completely safe to use underwater.

The case also allows you to operate your smartphone normally underwater— you can check emails and click photos. It also comes with a lanyard. You can just strap this case over your neck and take on water, sand or pretty much anything.

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Who is it for?

BeachBuoy Waterproof iphone 5 case is a perfect choice for you, if you’ve been looking for a waterproof case that lets you operate your smartphone underwater, take crystal-clear pictures of fishes, listen to music while swimming, and carry it along even while surfing, fishing or while doing any other recreational activity.

On the down side, if you want a case that allows you to listen to music, attend calls, or a case that’s slim enough to fit into your pockets, this one is not for you.

In a nutshell, it’s Ideal for:

  • Those who have an active lifestyle and indulge in recreational activities like swimming, fishing, surfing, etc.
  • Want to take snaps and keep their phone handy.

BeachBuoy WaterProof iphone 5 case Design and Features

  • Waterproof, Dustproof and Weatherproof
  • BSI approved (IP57/IP58)
  • 100% protection from water up to 16 feet / 5 meters
  • Simple and effective grip system
  • Allows the use of touchscreen and camera underwater
  • Flotation buoy
  • Lifetime Exchange Warranty
  • Lanyard attachment


BeachBuoy WaterProof iphone 5 case comes with a Lifetime exchange warranty. If there’s any defect with the product, it will be replaced/repaired; be rest assured about that.

Proporta BeachBuoy WaterProof Case for PDA and Smartphone in WaterPros

Waterproof, Sand proof and Dust proof: It’s just the ideal case for taking out on beach or while you go surfing since it ensures all round protection. It’s two click seals and a Velcro strip prevent the water from getting inside the case

  • Clear Crystal Case: Since its two sides are transparent, it’s ideal for clicking photos and recording videos underwater.
  • Flotation buoy: If the strap unloosens itself under water, don’t worry; it floats.
  • Touchscreen and Camera friendly: You can operate your iPhone underwater.
  • Light and breathable: It’s ergonomic, easy to carry and light in weight.

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  • Headphone extender missing:  You can’t listen to music when your phone is in the case. It’s more of a sack to carry your phone.
  • Not ergonomic: It’s not exactly ergonomic. It’s a bit large to carry around while trying out recreational activities and certainly not ideal for hanging around the neck when you’re swimming or diving.


Most reviews for BeachBuoy WaterProof iphone 5 case have been positive (4.5+). People bought the case just to protect their iPhone from water, sand, and everything that can get spilled over their phone. They appreciate the quality of the case and none of them experienced any leakage in the case that was shipped. The only negative feedback regarding the case was that it was tricky to use and not that great for clicking photos.


The iPhone5 waterproof case is a good case to buy if you have little expectations. The case does not offer anything special nor does it look that great; however, it does what it promises. It protects your phone from water. With that being said, it’s not exactly a case to buy if you’re an adventurer and want to carry the case along. It’s too huge to be hung around your neck while you’re on the go. BeachBuoy WaterProof iphone 5 case is perfect for people, who want a case just to protect their smartphone and do not intend on using their smartphones while they’re in the case.

Buy this iPhone5 waterproof case for its reliable protection and not its features.

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