DandyCase Waterproof Iphone case

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Dandycase waterproof caseDandycase waterproof iphone case is designed to perfectly fit smartphones with screen size up to 5.3 inches, which includes iPhone 5/iPhone 5S/ iPhone 5C/iPhone 4S/4/3GS.

DandyCase has been IPX8 Certified to protect your phone underwater (up to 100 feet). Its innovative Two Snap Lock System has been designed to protect your phone from water, sand or any other external environmental factors. That was all about form. When it comes to features, DandyCase has two clear sides that allow you to snap pictures and operate your phone underwater. It’s also light in weight and easy to carry—making it well-suited for outdoor activities. This case is available in Black, Blue, Pink, Purple , Neon Green Colors.

Who is it for?

DandyCase Black Waterproof Case is perfect for people who love to indulge in underwater photography and want to try a cheap alternative. I mean— why waste money on disposable underwater cameras, when you can snap great pictures with your smartphone with DandyCase?

It’s designed for people who want to protect their phone while they’re swimming, surfing, fishing or doing any other recreational activity. It’s also a must have case for someone who doesn’t want a hard case and wants to try something handy. As a matter of fact, you can just strap this case over your neck and take on water, sand or pretty much anything.

Dandycase waterproof iphone case Ideal for:

  • Those looking for an economic, lightweight and easy to carry waterproof case
  • Enthusiastic underwater photographers
  • Recreational activities like swimming, fishing, surfing, etc.

Dandycase touchscreen friendly iphone 5 5c 4 waterproof caseDesign and Features

  • IPX8 Rating (Certified up to 100 feet)
  • Crystal Clear Window on both sides
  • Waterproof protection with full accessibility
  • Two Snap Lock System
  • Light in weight (1 pound) and perfect in size ( 5 x 1 x 4 inches)
  • 1 year Product Warranty


DandyCase Black Waterproof Case comes with a standard 1 year Product Warranty. DandyCase Retail packaging takes full responsibility for the quality of all its products and if any defect arises in the case, the case will be repaired/replaced.

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  • Waterproof, Sand proof and Dust proof: It’s just the ideal case for taking out on beach or while you go surfing since it ensures all round protection.
  • Clear Crystal Case: Since its two sides are transparent, it’s ideal for clicking photos and recording videos underwater.
  • Ergonomic: DandyCase is just perfect for your smartphone. It ensures the protection of your smartphone, without complicating the process of insertion and removal. It’s also easy to carry— courtesy of the lanyard.


  • Weak build: DandyCase doesn’t have great build quality and there have been complaints about the plastic and rubber material used in its making.  If you like a premium case, this might not be your thing
  • Not so good for other phones: If you’re going to put other smartphones like Galaxy S4 or Note 2 inside the case, it might now work out that well.


Dandycase waterproof iphone case has 4.5+ rating on Amazon. Most reviews have been positive and people have appreciated such quality water protection at a rather modest price. Reviews mention that they were apprehensive about trying the waterproof case due to the apparent risk that it might kill their phone, but for most of them, the gamble paid off pretty well. Most reviewers admire the fact that they can now carry their iPhone along with them even on surfboards and beaches, without any ado. They were happy that they could use the case for clicking underwater photos and videos.


DandyCase is an amazing waterproof case for enthusiasts, who want to capture decent underwater photos and videos without spending a ridiculous amount of money on it. It’s also perfect for people who want to spend quality time with their family on a beach outing, but do not want to miss important calls or mails. Buy DandyCase, if you’ve been looking for an iPhone waterproof case that can be trusted and offers the best value for money.

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