Drycase waterproof iphone case

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Drycase waterproof iphone caseDrycase waterproof iphone case is an innovative waterproof case for iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5S, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, that’s crafted using state-of-the-art Vacuum Seal Technology. The vacuum in the case lets you touch your screen easily as there’s no air in between; it’s also perfect for taking crystal clear photos underwater as it provides optimum clarity to the camera at the back.

The air-tight seal guarantees the safety of your phone underwater (up to 100 feet).

The awesome thing about the Drycase waterproof iphone case is that you can listen to music through the dedicated stereo headphone input and microphone jack—a feature that’s not provided in most waterproof cases. Drycase also comes with a Neoprene Armband that allows you to tag your phone along even while doing physically intensive activities.

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Who is it for?

Drycase waterproof iphone case is a perfect choice for you, if you’ve been looking for a waterproof case that lets you operate your smartphone underwater, take crystal-clear pictures of fishes, listen to music while swimming, and carry it along even while surfing, fishing or while doing any other recreational activity.

So, it’s Ideal for:

  • Those who have an active lifestyle and indulge in recreational activities like swimming, fishing, surfing, etc.
  • Want to listen to music, take snaps, attend calls, and keep the phone handy.

Design and Features

  • Waterproof Vacuum Seal
  • Crystal Clear Design for flawless snaps
  • Stereo Headphone and Microphone Input jack
  • Neoprene Armband
  • Tested in 100 feet water for up to 1 hour


Drycase waterproof iphone case comes with 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty. If there’s any defect with the product, it will be replaced/repaired.


  • Waterproof Vacuum Seal Technology: The innovative Vacuum Seal Technology ensures the safety of your phone underwater. Air is removed from the case through an easy-to-use hand pump that sucks the air out of the valve. The airtight valve prevents the entry of water when the case is submerged and makes your phone waterproof.
  • Crystal Clear Pictures: Since the backside of the case is crystal clear, you would be able to take crystal clear pictures. Also, as all the air would have been removed, there would be no focusing issues. The camera can easily capture the subject through phone’s auto-focus system.
  •  Listen to Music: You can listen to music with the help of a dedicated stereo headphone jack on the case. Most waterproof cases do not provide the luxury of attaching headphones and listening to music underwater.
  • Emergency Call: DryCase also has a dedicated microphone jack that allows you to make emergency calls, without taking your phone out of the case—a handy feature to have.
  • Convenient Armband: DryCase also comes with a convenient armband that can be very useful while performing physically intensive activities. It frees you from handling your phone and allows you to carry it all the time, wherever you go.

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  • Bulky: It’s a bit bulky to carry around.
  • Not so great touch: Sometimes, the smartphone behaves unexpectedly underwater and the touch can get a bit unresponsive.

Drycase waterproof iphone case Reviews

Though most reviews for Drycase waterproof iphone case have been positive (4+ product rating on Amazon), people do have issues with its idiosyncratic design. Some buyers complain about receiving a defective case that didn’t do what it promised. Some cases are not just manufactured right and have minor defects. Your best bet would be to check the case for leakage by putting a dry napkin inside and keeping it overnight underwater. If you’ve been shipped a defective case, you can ask for a replacement. Reviewers were also not pleased with the vacuum seal technology used in the phone as it made operating their phone underwater difficult. That being said, for most users (more than 70%), DryCase worked like a charm. Most users were happy with the quality of the photos and also the protection it provided underwater.


Drycase waterproof iphone case is arguably one of the best waterproof cases for iPhone. It has got everything you would look for in a waterproof case—underwater operability, crystal-clear covering for decent snaps, a headphone jack, and an armband for convenience. If you’re looking for a case that you could trust while going underwater, put your money on this one. It provides the much coveted features and the much required convenience at a rather modest price-tag.

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