Griffin Survivor Waterproof and Catalyst iphone 5 Case

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Griffin Survivor Waterproof and Catalyst iphone 5 Case

Griffin Survivor Waterproof and Catalyst iphone 5 Case was created by Catalyst and Griffin for the adventurer, the outdoors man, and those of us who like to protect the iPhone 5 in a way that most cases do not offer. The designing expertise from Catalyst and the experience of Griffin came together to make a case that they offered to every person from every walk of life for every situation.

The features were carefully thought out and tested by the companies and then taken to the public. Some have not heard of the companies, while others swear by them.

The features that are offered may be minimal, but they are very useful for everyone that owns an iPhone 5. It offers a water proof feature and shock resistance, so the phone does not take a beating from daily situations that would normally affect a phone.

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  • Water proof up to 9.8 feet (which is 3 meters)
  • Button and Jack accessibility: microphone, headphone, speaker, etc.
  • Ruggedized on the edges and the corners
  • Light weight: the case weight is 3.5 ounces
  • P68 rating that is against water infiltration

Griffin Survivor Waterproof and Catalyst iPhone 5 Case Reviews

If you need a case that is not bulky so that you can put your phone in your pocket and is also waterproof, then Griffin Survivor Waterproof and Catalyst iphone 5 Case is  for you. It provides the advertised protection and has a sleek design, so it doesn’t get snagged on anything that you have in your pocket. It gained fair reviews from users, with about half of them giving it five stars.

Reviewers liked the hard plastic buttons for their tactile feel, and the touchscreen worked just as well as it did without the cover. The iPhone 5 was easy to put into the case, and the screws were simple to tighten. This offered more security that the phone would not fall out, especially in the water.

Most of the users said they were able to text and take great pictures while in the water without any leaks. One reviewer even submerged the phone at let it fall to the bottom of a 10-foot pool. When he took it out, it was unscathed. It has also been tested in muddy conditions and still worked perfectly.

Even though buyers liked the fact that there were no rubber bumpers on the corners of the case that would catch in your pocket, this lessened the shock absorption. Dropping the phone resulted in cracked screens and scratches, but the phone still worked. Another point that some users did not like was the call quality. They said they could not hear the person on the other end very well with the case in place. Some users also said it leaked, but the company says this is due to incorrect installation.

After researching the Griffin Survivor Waterproof and Catalyst iphone 5 Case and reading reviews from real Griffin-Catalyst consumers, it is obvious that this case is extremely popular. The consumers not only love this case for the water proof feature and the opportunities that it opens up; they love the look and the fact that it doesn’t double the size of their phones. We highly recommend this item for the iPhone 5 owners.

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