How to fix iPhone Water Damage

Dropped your iPhone accidentally in water? Received a faulty waterproof case? Here’s how you could save your phone before it’s too late. There’s a 95% chance that you would save your iPhone 5S/iPhone 4S/iPhone 4 using the following method:

How to fix iPhone Water Damage?


Turning your iPhone on is the biggest mistake you could possibly make. Do not try to turn it on; if it’s switched off, let it be. The iPhone has been designed to turn off whenever it detects a breach in the circuit. By powering on your iPhone after water damage, you risk frying your iPhone completely.

In case the iPhone LCD is still on, TURN IT OFF, as soon as possible. This will prevent the water from damaging LCD or the internal circuitry.

2)    Remove SIM card

The next logical step is to remove SIM cards so that you do not lose your contacts.

3)    Dab as much liquid as possible from outside

Take a dry cloth and remove excess water from the outside of the phone. Clean the screen, ear-piece, power button, volume buttons, mute switch, speakers and microphones, and dab as much liquid as possible. Shaking your iPhone also helps in draining the water.

4)      Remove Sensitive Parts (Skip to #5, if you’re not a geek)

For better results, just remove the two screws at the bottom of the iPhone (iPhone 4/ iPhone 4S/ iPhone 5.) with the help of a 5-point screw driver. Remove the battery, motherboard and other components exposed to water. Clean the parts with the screen-cleansing liquid and a microfiber cloth to prevent rusting.

5)    Drying

Though there are many methods to dry out iPhone, here’s what works best. Put your iPhone near a light/heat source, for example- Bulb or Radiator. Wrap up the phone in a cloth and keep it for 48-72 hours.

Another method worth trying is placing your iPhone/ parts in a Tupperware container with silica gel for 48-72 hours. You can also try putting your iPhone in a bowl of uncooked rice for 3-4 days. The rice sucks all the moisture from your iPhone, leaving it dry and moisture-free.

[Note: Do not use a hair-dryer to dry your phone out. It creates a greenhouse effect that can damage the internal circuitry severely. Also, never ever put your iPhone in a microwave oven. I know it’s tempting, but rest that desire for good. It’s way too dangerous.]

6)    Turning it on

Do not even attempt to turn on your phone before 48-72 hours as the circuitry and the LCD needs time to dry out. When you turn on the phone, look for signs of moisture on the LCD. If the phone turns on, but the screen has some moisture retention, allow it to dry for some more time under a light source. If the moisture still doesn’t dry away, you will need to replace your LCD.

Replacement Policies for Water Damaged iPhones

Liquid damage is not covered under Apple one year limited warranty or an AppleCare Protection Plan (APP). If you’re wondering how Apple guys would detect it, please note that all iPhones (including iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4) come with built-in Liquid Contact Indicators that can tell whether the phone has been in contact with water or not. Moreover, as the device becomes exposed to water, the external connectors of the phone get corroded and may malfunction. It’s easy to spot the correction and the malfunction.

So, to cut the long story short, you won’t get any replacement if your iPhone is damaged due to water.

How do I repair my water damaged iPhone?

You would have to repair your iPhone if it has been damaged due to water as you cannot get a replacement.

Though repair costs for a water-damaged iPhone can be pretty damn high, it’s surely cheaper than buying a new one. Fixing your water damaged iPhone from Apple can cost anywhere between $269- $450 depending on the extent of damage. If the LCD screen, buttons, ear-pieces, microphones and the connectors both have been damaged, the cost may be even higher. Most expensive component in iPhone repairs in generally the LCD screen. If the screen has not been damaged, the repair cost drops down dramatically. However, Apple services would always be more expensive when compared to other third-party water damage repair services.

For instance, an awesome site that you can try to fix your iPhone is They provide repair services for water damaged iPhones for FREE. You do not have to pay them anything unless they fix your iPhone. And even if they fix the phone—they charge you reasonably.

Though water damaged iPhone is a lost cause, it’s always better to invest in getting it repaired as it beats the alternative, which is buying a new one and protect it with iphone waterproof case. don’t know which case suitable for your usage, here we reviewed best waterproof cases. If you apply the precautions mentioned above in the guide, 95% of the times you can save your iPhone from water damage.


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