iContact Water Proof iPhone 5 Case

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iContact Water Proof iPhone 5 CaseiContact Water Proof iPhone 5 Case offers different features for the everyday iPhone 5 owner. This case does not interfere with the operations of the phone.

The overall rating for this phone case is positive, and we found that the satisfaction with the iContact Water Proof iPhone 5 case is mixed, but even the negative reviews had some positive things to say. With personal opinions being spouted at every turn, it is imperative that you take into account what features you need for your life.

Depending on the main reasons you need a new case, you may realize this is not for you.

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iContact Water Proof iPhone 5 Case Features:

  • Fits snug against the iPhone 5 with no problems
  • Keeps out all moisture: dish water, showers, steam, sweat, pool water, and more (Sealed and meets the IPX-7 standards and has an o-ring and metal screws)
  • Allows sound to travel through the case to the microphone and out of the speakers with no issues
  • Sharpvue lenses that are located on the front and the back of the case (the lenses allow high quality pictures and video to be taken when the case is on)

The Reviews

The iContact Water Proof iPhone 5 case received mixed reviews from buyers. While some thought it worked great, others said the case allowed water in, and their phones no longer worked. Consumers like the idea that you can take pictures while you’re in a pool or shower, but for some that convenience came with a price.

Snowboarders seemed to really like this case. One reviewer that used this case on a consistent basis while snowboarding said that he was surprised at how well the case held up because he throws so much snow. The case has never leaked in all of the times he’s taken it boarding with him. Others users said they had dropped the phone in the snow with the case on it, and it remained dry and sealed.

Another reviewer worked at a car wash and never had a problem with the case leaking. He used it every day through hundreds of washes without a problem. One mother used it to record her son’s first time in the pool, and she said the case worked perfectly.

While there were a few positive reviews, reviewers had a lot of complaints about this iPhone case. One reviewer missed turns while trying to use the GPS on the phone because the sound from the speakers was distorted. Another user said that the case leaked while being used in the water on vacation, and the phone ended up having to be completely restored. The worker that restored the phone said that using water proof cases is never a good idea because they tend to leak.

Based on the many negative reviews, the iContact Water Proof iPhone 5 case is not recommended for the water proof feature. It is, however, recommended for those who work or live in a dusty area where dust may build up on or interfere with the operations of the phone.

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