Lifeproof iPhone 5 Case

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Lifeproof iPhone 5 Case

When owning a piece of high tech electronics, it is important to keep it protected from the environment and rough usage. Those who own an iPhone 5 know the benefits of purchasing a good case.

Lifeproof iPhone 5 Case is a recommended product for the protection of your iPhone 5. This phone case has different features that make this product desirable to anyone searching for a case to add personalization and protection to their iPhone 5. Many consumers have found this product useful and worth the money.

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This iPhone 5 case has a design that is thin and light. Although it has a sleek design, this Lifeproof phone case provides solid protection. This case offers water protection and so many more protection features that an iPhone 5 owner should not live without.


Provides water proof protection up to 6.6 feet

Keeps dirt away from the phone

Prevents snowfall from penetrating the iPhone 5

Shock proof protection when phone has been dropped

Works with all buttons located on the iPhone 5, including open areas for the microphone, speakers, and charging slot

The Reviews

The Lifeproof iPhone 5 case received fair reviews from users. Most reviewers purchased the case for the water proof feature alone. While some found that it worked perfectly, others said that it ruined their phones because water leaked through it.

One reviewer purchased the case for the water proof promise, even though 6 feet is not enough to them. However, it does offer the best depth protection of any case on the market. While the phone did remain safe from water, the user did not like the screen. The sound was distorted when they used the speakerphone or played music.

Another reviewer said she loved the case she plays with her kids in the pool and at the beach and does not want to miss the opportunity to snap pictures in the water. With the dirt proof feature she could take her phone with her and get great pictures. No water or sand ever got into her case.

One major complaint was that the case was made of cheap plastic and people did not like spending $80 on it. They were also unimpressed with customer service when they called with a problem. The screen protector did not line up with the screen, so there was a whoosh of air every time a button was pushed.

As for customers who had problems with leaky cases, other reviewers said that this was because they probably did not perform the recommended water test before putting the phone in the case. Users must put a napkin or other similar item in the case for an hour under water to check for leaks.

Although the reviews are mixed, the ultimate recommendation is that you invest in one of these cases if you own an iPhone 5. The main reason you are purchasing a case reflects the correct decision you should make. This case is recommended if you are around liquids on a regular basis or are a parent with clumsy children. If you are looking for a stylish phone case that still offers great sound quality and phone functionality, look elsewhere.

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