OtterBox Armor Series iPhone 5 Case

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OtterBox Armor Series iPhone 5 CaseOtterBox Armor Series iPhone 5 Case provides features that most cases do not offer. the people at OtterBox have created a water proof iPhone 5 case that seems to be in great demand.

It fits smoothly and snugly onto the iPhone 5 and provides superior protection against different situations, materials, and environmental dangers for your phone. The features listed are favorable and beneficial compared to any competitor’s case that is offered in the market. It was created for the average phone-dropping person.

This case will take wear and tear from many different scenarios and situations, from dropping it on a solid floor to dropping it into a pool while trying to capture fun family moments. Shock absorbent and water proof features are preferred by all when it comes to electronics, and the OtterBox Armor Series provides those features and more.

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OtterBox Armor Series iPhone 5 Case Features:

  • Water proof up to 6.6 feet for 30 minutes
  • Shock resistant up to a 10 feet fall onto concrete
  • Withstands 2 tons of pressure

Allows access to all functional buttons located on the iPhone 5: headphone jack, volume buttons, power button, etc.


The reviews are positive and the ratings are high for this iPhone 5 case. The thickness of the OtterBox Armor Series is more than the Defender Series that is available. Reviewers stated that it is heavier than the Defender, and they were glad they weren’t expecting a slimmer case.

When one reviewer performed the water test with this case, it failed. It started leaking in one of the corners after just one minute. He called the company, and they apologized for it and sent a new one in the mail. When he received the new case and repeated the test, he found that he had previously purchased a defective case, and the new one worked correctly. This user suggested not trusting the case until you try it out.

OtterBox Armor Series iPhone 5 Case with phone

Another user purchased the OtterBox Armor Series in order to keep my iPhone 5 safe from the water and the roughness of a canoe on a boat trip. He did the water test two times to make sure that it would work. However, the phone case failed on the river. He was only on the river for 20 minutes before it started leaking and ruined his phone. The company said that happens sometimes and offered no refund or replacement. He had to buy a new phone.

A construction worker that works around a lot of dirt, dust, and debris purchased the Armor Series case. It rains on a consistent basis on his job, and he still has to work through it. Although it did fit to his working conditions, he said the sound quality during a phone call was amazingly distorted. It had an echoing sound and was hard to understand the other person on the line.

If you are not worried about the bulkiness of the case, then this case is recommended to iPhone 5 owners. A worker at a hard labor company is a prime example of someone who needs an OtterBox Armor Series case. Even if you don’t have a tough job, it is recommended that you use one. However, if music is your forte, then you should probably find another case that does not interfere with the sound that comes from the speakers.

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