Seidio Water Proof iPhone 5 OBEX Case

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Seidio Water Proof iPhone 5 OBEX CaseSeidio Waterproof iphone 5 obex case  offers multiple features for the iPhone 5 owner. This case weighs 1.4 ounces, which means that it is lightweight. This iPhone 5 case comes in black or white with the Apple symbol on the back to sport your favorite company with pride and style.

The Seidio Water Proof iPhone 5 OBEX case not only holds an IP68 rating; it offers so many different features that will protect your iPhone 5 from many different situations, environments, and disasters. Between the technology and the material that the iPhone 5 case is made of, it seems like a superior case.

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Seidio Water Proof iPhone 5 Features:

Includes an IP68 rating: dust proof and water proof (no time limit to the submersion of the iPhone 5)

Two-stage protection for the areas that are susceptible to leaking on other cases

Inside structure was created to protect the iPhone 5 from the damage of compression and the damage of being dropped

Rubber silicone stoppers are used to keep out dirt and liquids that the iPhone may be exposed to


The overall rating is favorable for this case for different reasons. This company has provided accessories to the iPhone 5 owners, and it seems like the case is worth the money they have spent. Overall, consumers have recommended this item to other consumers who are still hesitant to make the purchase.

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One user bought a Lifeproof case and liked it but was unhappy with the screen, so she gave the Seidio OBEX iPhone 5 case a try. She dropped her phone in the water when she went fishing, but when she retrieved her phone, it was dry as a bone. Because of this, she highly recommends the case to others.

Another reviewer had an OtterBox and had issues being able to use the power button and the volume buttons on the phone. He bought this case and loved the protection it offered. He also liked the fact that it was easy to operate his phone while it was in the case. The fact that the case is not bulky was also a plus.

One of the biggest complaints about the OBEX case was the sound quality. Reviewers stated that their ability to hear callers was reduced by half, and the person on the other end could barely hear them. Another issue was with the rubber cover for the lighting port. When one user accidentally fell into the water not long after putting the case on and testing it, the phone got wet. The reviewer found that the rubber cover was gone and nowhere in sight. The phone was completely ruined.

After researching the product and the reviews of the product, the Seidio Water Proof iPhone 5 OBEX case is recommended. It offers the features of other cases with a backup system put in place in case the first one fails. However, you must be prepared to check the phone often to make sure the rubber covers for the ports are in place. This case is worth the money spent versus the money you would spend on a new phone using another case that leaks.

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